My favourite Family Moment

My favourite family moment is a holiday at a river which we went to and canoed down the river to a camping site, camped there for the night and continued along the river. On this trip my grandma, dad, mum and two sisters came (and me off cause). I was sharing a canoe with my dad, but I still really hurt your arms if you paddle for a long time. Lucky we had lots of breaks and even some chocolate for a snack! On the last night we made a camp fire and sat around it. My sister and I started to be silly and sang lots of songs, and changing the words around. This holiday was one of my favourite family moments but I have so many memories and have been on so many good holidays. If you decide to comment please share some of your holidays and favourite memories with me!

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5 thoughts on “My favourite Family Moment

  1. Ella,
    Was the river fast flowing and with lots of rapids? Canoeing and kayaking can certainly hurt your shoulders and elbows until you get used to the rhythm.

    As a child, we also took our kayaks and canoes when we went camping at the Douglas River on the east coast of Tasmania. We could either go up the river or go out in the surf on the beach.

    • Hi Miss W,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, the river was really flowing very fast on the last day and it was going against us so it was very hard work. What is your favourite family moment?
      Ella B

      • I have too many favourite family moments, but I loved when my parents took my brother and I on a three month camping trip around Australia. We took off one term of school and learnt while we were travelling instead.

        • Wow, that sounds like great fun. I have been on a 3 week camping trip to Western Australia but I have never been on a 3 month holiday before.

  2. Hi Ella,
    That sounds like a lot of fun I’ve never been Canoeing in the rapids before. But I have up at my shack in the river one time I fell of and the boat filled with water. I had to get my cousins to get me .

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